Why there’s Nothing Funny About Big Box Savings

You can say what you want about the big box stores, but if saving by the tonnage were a national sport, Sam’s Club would win gold.  People join to buy huge quantities of goods like paper products, cleaning products and shelf stable food stuffs that can tide them over for years.   As these clubs increase their membership, the selection they offer the public grows to match customer demand.  That’s why you find such items as furniture, home goods and apparel along with groceries, electronics and thousands of other products you use every day.  Another result of their swelling customer ranks is the additional savings they offer through Groupon, which has teamed up with the giant retailer to offer customers coupon codes good for discounts on just about everything in the store.

When families are squeezed financially with back to school shopping for all the clothes, books and electronic devices their children will need, they’ll find an ally in Sam’s Club.  Taking advantage of a discounted item using Groupon can shave as much as 75% off a purchase, leaving money to buy more of a product, or to apply to household expenses elsewhere in the budget.  It’s in keeping with the philosophy that guided Sam Walton to start his business in the first place, and one can only imagine he’d be pleased with the association today.  There is even a coupon code that will save on membership for college students and military personnel.

Big box shopping might be fodder for late night comedians and stand-up comics, but believe me, they’re in on the joke too.  There’s hardly a production staff in the business that operates without a club membership.  It just makes good business sense.   And who wouldn’t be with prices like those offered by Sam’s Club.  You can save hundreds of dollars on a few trips.  Not only do you save with discounted prices, the no frills business model, which leaves the grocery bagging and carrying to you, saves money on the company side.  By doing away with costs associated with wrapping and packaging, the store is doing their part to reduce the amount of refuse that ends up in landfills and oceans.  By encouraging members to return and reuse the boxes they cart off, there’s less waste and need for disposal fees.